Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision: We want to be the most customers focused global provider of freight forwarding and logistics solutions – a trusted, valued and respected partner


Our Mission: We leverage our global presence and competence in Rail and Ocean Freight by collaborating with our customers to unlock value in their supply chains and together build smart and efficient end-to-end logistics solutions

Our Values: The LOGISTICS SHIPPING SERVICE LLC values are more than just words and definitions; they are the core of our daily business. For each of us, the challenge is not be simply believing in our values but rather actually behaving in keeping with our values.


Performance: is our continuous commitment to long-term sustainable development and financial success. In essence, we aspire to out-play competition.


Integrity: is the compass which drives our behavior and attitude towards each other and our customers. For us this would be reflected by “We keep our promises and play by the rules."


Professionalism: is how we create value for our customers through our solutions and by anticipating their business needs. In short “We know our business” – and create value for our stakeholders.



Logistics Shipping Service LLC is independent integrated company incorporated in accordance to the Decree of the Russia Federation and The Company was group among the leading oil exporting, transportation and also operates shore storage tank leasing in terms of provision of innovation, efficiency and services in the oil exploration, transportation and oil storage. Logistics Shipping Service LLC carry out major transshipment on Black Sea waters, Baltic Sea, Japan Sea Water and Vladivostok Port. The company is enormously diversified and renders potential customers globally unique services and ensures customers guarantee and safety. 


The Russia port oil terminal is mainly used to export oil products manufactured at the Logistics Shipping Service LLC, the transshipment capacity was about 11.7 million tons of oil products a year but in recent years was increased to 20 million tons, likewise all terminals has increased their efficiency and capacity to load. Logistics Shipping Service LLC has the capacity to store and export refined petroleum, petrochemical products & chemical products of all kinds and all kinds of petroleum products including D2, JP54, M100-75 (95) JET A-1, LNG, LPG, etc.

In 2016, the Company shipped 4.6 million tons of oil products via the Ust-Luga and Nakhodka terminal (with export and domestic bunkering). This is a record high over the years the terminal has been in operation.


Logistics Shipping Service LLC operates refinery plant  and between 18 to 24 storage tank facilities in each port of Russia Federation (drilling and refining of oil and gas products), shore tank  Leasing, and also provides freight forwarding, calculation and control of loading/unloading of cargo at all the port in Russia Federation, a review of services, delivery of food courts, provision of vehicles and freight forwarders to carry out orders ship loaders, cargo, storage/transportation of crude oil and icebreakers in the Arctic. Thus, a single application filed with the manager, you can get a full range of services required by the ship. Passengers who organized and executed Logistics Shipping Service LLC, fast and convenient. Logistics Shipping Service LLC has the capacity to refine 2 million metric tons of D2, 250 million barrels of Jet fuel, M100 250 million metric tons, LPG 450 million metric tons per month. We also control by other major oil refinery personal private underground pipeline which are linked to special giant storage tanks facilities in Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Primorsk, Ust-Luga, Tuapse and Bunkering terminals. But these private pipelines are for only buyer dealing directly with these refineries.

About Logistics Shipping Service LLC